Today's Special - Momo

Momo is a type of steamed bun with some form of filling. Momo has become a traditional delicacy in Nepal, Tibet and among Nepalese/Tibetan communities in Bhutan, as well as Sikkim and Darjeeling district of India. It is one of the most popular fast foods in Nepal. Momos have also spread to other countries like USA (some parts) and UK and India.


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Lunch Buffet (10:30 - 14:30)
Price : 10.50€

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Jyoti Kharel has been in Food and Restaurant Industry for over a decade now. He is experienced and seasoned enough to present some awesomeness on the table. What you don't find in other places is that he likes to make it not only tasty but also memorable. He is a respected individual among Finnish and Foreign comunity alike. He is father of two children and lives in Helsinki.

About us

Ravintola Himshikhar is the perfect choice for
everybody who desire to enjoy the taste of delicious authentic Nepalese food in Helsinki.
We bring the unique cuisine in such a manner that the very originality of the food is preserved and you will be excited to experience a little Nepalese Kitchen here in Finland.
We have overall capacity of hosting around 80 – 85 guests at once in our two-floored eating space.
We believe in quality of service, products and excellent
hospitality that comes straightly from Himalayan corridor..

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